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Privacy policy 

The page www.icsoneasyspeed.es, to protect individual rights, especially in relation to the automatic treatment and will to be transparent with the user, has established a policy that recollects the set of said treatments, the ends followed by these, the legitimacy of the same and the instruments to the disposition of the user so they can exercise their rights. 

The navigation in this webpage implies the totality of the acceptation of the following dispositions and conditions of usage. The usage of cookies will be accepted. For more information you can consult our cookies policy. In case of not being in agreement, send a mail to info@icsoneasyspeed.es 

The version actualized in this privacy policy is the only one applicable during the session of usage of the webpage till there’s not another version that substitutes this one.  

Likewise, if the customer considers the treatment of their personal data violates the law or their individual rights, they can reclaim to the Spanish Agency of Protection of Data, through their web page: 


Recollection of data 

Your data are recollected by the company NINGGXY S.L., which technical headquarters are domiciled in Calle Piedrafita 1, poligono industrial Cobo Calleja, 28974, Fuenlabrada (Madrid), registered under the NIF B-87148706, our phone number of contact being 916 422 085 and email info@icsoneasyspeed.es 

A piece of data that contains a personal character are referred to all the information referred to one identification of the person physically or identity (affected person). It is understood that a person can be identified, directly or indirectly, especially from a reference to a name, a number of identification (DNI, NIE, NIF, passport) or one or multiple specific elements, proper to their physical appearance, physiologically, genetic, physically, economically, culturally or socially. 

The data with general character that will be recopied are: name and last name, address, email, phone number, birth date, data correlated to the methods of pay. It could recollect other kinds of data if the user has been informed. 

With what intentions will your information be treated? 

The data recollected by the seller will be used with the end to treat your orders realized through the web page, manage the customer’s account, analyze their orders and send emails with promotional intent, newsletters, offers and o information about the products and services similar to the ones bought, except if the customer does not want to receive the communications by the part of the vendor. 

The customers can oppose to receiving mails in all moments logging in their account or clicking the hyperlink provided to those effects under each offer received by email or sending a mail to the delegation of data protection. 

The personal data given to the page will be conserved while its commercial relationship is kept, always when its not required for its suppression. The data of   the customer will be deleted or alternatively, made anonymous, once said deadlines of the prescription of legal application. 

What is the legitimacy of the treatment of your information?

The legal base for the treatment of your personal data are: 

The correct execution or compliance of the contract

The legitimate interest of NINGXY S.L. 

To what destination will the communicated data go? 

The personal data of the customer could be eventually released to thirds related to the company by contract   for the realization of the needed chores for the management of the account f the customer without needing authorization.

Also, when there’s a need to communicate with the authorities in case that the user has been made actions breaking the law or not complying with the contents of the legal warning. 

The data of the customer can be given to other companies of the group, if there are, for internal administrative ends that could be a treatment of such. 

The personal data of the customer could be transferred to a third country or to an international organization, but it will be informed of such during the transference, and the conditions of the destination. 


When browsing in this web, the cookies of www.icsoneasyspeed.es or third-party cookies can be deposited in your computer, tablet or phone. During the first browse, there will be a banner explaining about the use of the cookies. 

Because of so, if the customer continues navigating, the customer will be considered as informed and have accepted the cookies. The agreement granted will be valid for a period of three months. 

Rights of the user 

Conforming the rule (UE) 2016/679 about data protection of personal character, the customer benefits with the right of access, rectification, opposition (from legitimate motives) and the suppression, portability and or limitation of these personal data. As such, the customer also has the right to retire their consent in any moment for those treatments that consists on their consent, without it affecting the illicitly of the treatment based on consent previous to their retirement. They’ll be able to retire these rights sending a mail to info@icsoneasyspeed.es or sending a mail to c/Piedrafita 1, Poligono industrial cobo Calleja, 28947, Fuenlabrada (Madrid). It’ll be necessary for the customer to justify their identity, providing a scan of the identity card or a photocopy of such to the sender. 

The data given will be conserved while it maintained the commercial relation or during the years necessary to comply the legal obligation. 

The customer is responsible that the information that is given through this web page is true, answering exactly all of the data they give, and maintaining the same so it reflects a real situation, being responsible of the fake information or inexact that are given, and of the damage, annoyance and problems that could cause to the seller or other third parties. 

This information will be kept and managed with the needed confidentiality using the security medium of information needed to stop the access or use of their data, manipulation, breakage or loss. 

However, the customer has to take in account the security of the informatic system is not absolute. When the personal information of these are facilitated through internet, said information can be recognized without their consent and be treated with unknown, not allowed third parties. NINGXY S.L declines, any kind of responsibility about the consequences that they could act on the user, if they publicized information publicly.