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Return policy 

The return policy is set with a devolution time of 14 natural days from the reception of the order. 

We do not accept returns of the product if it’s not because of the following reasons: 

1.For breakage/ defect of the product during the shipping of the product: 

In case of receiving any product that has been broken during the shipping of said product, the customer has a time limit of 48 hours to reclaim it through the reception of the product and given the solicited documentation:

Detailed description about the incident, clarifying all that the customer can and proving the messenger service’s fault that provoked the breakage of the product.

Photographic proof that shows the product’s breakage. 

 Photographic proof of the package where it can be clearly seen the “defects, hits, breakages”. This part is very important, as if the breakage cause isn’t shown to be the fault of the transport, the reclaim won’t be considered

Photographic evidence of the transport labels and the totality of the product of which the reclaim is from.

Its recommended that, if you observe any imperfection in the moment at the time of the delivery, to leave a message with the delivery note to leave the constancy of the incident (in this way it’s easier to do the transmits of the management of any later on reclaims.) 

2.For failure or error of the shipping of the order: 

When it’s been detected that there was NOT  an reception of the product, the product is different or it doesn’t fulfill the characteristics of the demands and you figure and those that are described in www.icsoneasyspeed.es, the customer has a 24 hour time to notify the failure or error of the shipping of the product and turn in a documentation with the following: 

Detailed description of the incident, pointing out all of which could help clarify the doings and prove the incidents of such. 

Photographic evidence that helps identifying the incident. 

Examples: to take pictures, screen captures to prove the failures of the description of the web or product, for the NON reception of any product, to make pictures where its identifies the order with all the products listed positioned the same way they have been received, with the filling if there is any, and inside the box it corresponds to. This is very important as, if its not clearly shown the incident, the reclaim can’t be considered. 

3.For withdrawal of the product:

If a return of our products has been accepted, always within 14 days from the reception of the product, always when the product has been in a perfect state as when it was received (the product has to be sent in its original packaging, with all its accessories). A return won’t be accepted if the product has been manipulated, untapped, dirty, stained, with smells, abused or with provoked damage. 

The customer will be responsible for the devolution shipping fees and once its been received, we will proceed to the devolution of the imported product (not of the fees and ports of the original shipping) or a deposit in your account in the webpage for other purchases. 

If the product was received with the free shipping promotion, the additional fees will be discounted for the customer that will import the product for devolution proportionally to the product sent.


4.Because of defect/ quality of the product: 

If the product received presents any kind of defect or deficiency, we will proceed to the change of the product in the following way: 

The customer will contact NINGXY S.L, specify the pick up of the product and contact our department of after sales. 

The pickup will be managed, the product will be received in our warehouses and we will check the state of the product to determine if the product is in a bad state because of defect of factory. 

In the opposite case, if the product is in perfectly good state, the customer will assume the devolution fees and the reshipping of the product. If it’s always possible, and without adding additional fees to the customer, the products will be sent in the next order of the customer.

Process to transmit a devolution: 

To transmit a devolution, the customer has to get in contact with the department of after sales of customer attention through the following email: 


This operation is transmitted daily if you haven’t received an answer in a period of time over 48 hours, please contract us directly in our department of after sales with the following phone number: