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Payment methods 

1.Debit or credit card (VISA/Mastercard) 

We accept payment with VISA. Verified by VISA. Mastercard and Mastercard Secure Code. 

Secure and instant method. When making the order, the customer will facilitate the data in their card during the process of purchase. We don’t store information referring to the debit or credit cards. 

The management of payment is realized through virtual payment in BBVA. 

2.Cash on delivery 

The payment through delivery, can be only done with the transport agency MRW. The customer will do the payment in effective in the moment of the delivery. This supposes an additional payment of 0.90 euros (not including taxes) at the time that the delivery is realized, due to additional costs by the transport agency.

If supposedly the customer has opted for that option, and without any reasonable motives, does not accept or pick up the package, they’ll have to pay us the shipping cost and the return of the goods, for breaching the purchase conditions and in accordance to the Ministerial Law of electronical commerce 34/2002, for any purchase done and confirmed on the internet must be accepted after being sent. 

3.Bank transfer/ account deposit:

In this payment method, the product won’t be sent till the transfer is made to our bank account. Do be aware that the transfers from other banks takes 1 to 2 days to be effective. If the payment is not done before 5 labor days, we cannot guarantee the stock of the selected products in the order. If in 10 labor days we do not receive the payment the order will be cancelled. Review closely the bank account before realizing the operation, as we do not take responsibilities if you introduce the wrong account. 

IMPORTANT: INDICATE IN THE CONCEPT YOUR CUSTOMER NUMBER AND THE NUMBER OF THE ORDER. (makes the payment faster and eases the localization of it) 

Bank information 

Bank entity: La Caixa

Holder: NINGXY S.L 

Account number: ES56 2100 5756 4202 0008 3096 


4.Payment in store

We offer you to do the payment directly in our store.